What You Need To Know About Alimony In Texas

The law regarding alimony is complicated, but at The Law Office of J. Gregory Whitten P.L.L.C., we help our clients make sense of spousal maintenance and all the other issues that surround divorce and family law.

Here are two questions we almost always hear from divorce clients:

"Can I get alimony?"


"Will I have to pay alimony?"

How Spousal Maintenance Is Determined

Under Texas family law, "alimony" is known as "spousal maintenance." It's commonly referred to as "spousal support."

Texas law says conditions need to be met for a person to receive spousal maintenance from the ex-spouse. To qualify for spousal maintenance, the individual who is seeking support must show that they cannot afford to pay for their "minimal reasonable needs."

Depending on the facts of the case, it is also possible for one of the parties to receive temporary spousal support. This type of support remains in effect until the final divorce decree.

Other conditions apply when determining support, and attorney Gregory Whitten can help you make sense of what the law would mean in your situation.

We Are Prepared

With spousal maintenance and all divorce issues, we know that clients do not like surprises. That is why we promptly gather the facts and information necessary to prepare for every stage of the divorce process. We believe our dedication to being prepared helps our clients obtain the best possible outcome.

We Can Answer Your Spousal Maintenance Questions

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