Can Divorce Or Child Custody Terms Be Changed?

When people leave the courthouse after the final hearing for a divorce or other family law matter, they often think "case closed." That is not how it works.

People's lives change, and the legal decisions that courts make for family law cases often need to be changed to reflect new realities. In legal terms, those changes are called modifications, and there is a legal process for dealing with them.

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Common Reasons For Modifications

Modifications can be permanent or temporary, and there are many reasons why people seek modifications to things like child custody, visitation or spousal maintenance. Here are a few examples:

  • A change in financial circumstances occurs for the person who is paying spousal maintenance and/or child support (losing a job, for example).
  • There is a medical emergency for one of the parents.
  • One of the parents is being relocated for his or her job.
  • One of the parents has gotten sober or is no longer using drugs and wants to change the parenting agreement.
  • One of the parents is engaging in risky or other inappropriate behavior that puts the children at risk.

No matter what the legal issues are, The Law Office of J. Gregory Whitten P.L.L.C. can help you with modifications.

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