Allen, TX Divorce Modification Attorney

When the Child Custody, Possession Schedule, Child Support, and Other Terms Just Don’t Work Anymore

There are many reasons why the terms in a Divorce Decree, Child Custody Order, or Child Support Order may not “fit” anymore:

  • The parent who is paying child support and health insurance premiums is making more or less money now;
  • One of the parent’s re-marries;
  • A parent is engaging in alienating behavior;
  • There is a medical emergency or occurrence that impacts one of the parents or children;
  • One of the parents is being relocated for his or her job;
  • One of the parents has developed an alcohol, drug, substance abuse, or other problem that results in dangers to the children;
  • One of the parents has gotten sober or is no longer using drugs so that a restricted possession or conservatorship order is no longer needed;
  • One of the parents is engaging in risky or other inappropriate behavior that puts the children at risk;
  • Years have gone by and it just seems “time”;
  • And endless other possibilities.

When these life events happen, we will fight for you to modify those terms to the extent the law and facts of your case allow. Modifying the Decree or prior Order is not automatic; you need an experienced modification attorney to listen, ask questions, and advise you on your options and then fight for you to get the modification you need.

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