Karen Fought

Greg and Hope have provided the highest level of representation and compassionate support during the most difficult season of my life. Their individualized approach, willingness to listen and understand the unique circumstances of my case, and work with me have been a constant source of encouragement and support. They did not try to pidgeonhole my case into what they assumed. They took the time to learn, research, and read to understand what I really needed. I cannot thank them enough.

Ryan Leonard

Going through a divorces is extremely taxing on both parties. Working with Greg, and his staff helped reduce some of the stress. His professionalism and in depth knowledge of family law allowed me to navigate my complex divorce.

I highly recommend retaining Greg not only for family law, but for contract review as well.

Ben Carter

High marks for Greg and his staff, Hope. High integrity, and balances what is "right" vs what is possible. a family man who doesn't take a cookie-cutter approach, and instead will personalize and think through things with you to ensure you are comfortable with approach, and never surprised. would highly recommend!

Joshua Rogers

Greg and his staff have been awesome for my family me. We are all truly grateful for the time and hard work that was put into our case.

Michelle Anderson

They have been great to me and my family..will be using them in the future!!

Luke Norris

Mr. Whitten and his staff are compassionate, conscientious, and caring. We could not have asked for better representation and encouragement during a difficult time