Why Are There So Many Truck Accidents?

Do you feel like you are taking your life in your hands whenever you pass an 18-wheeler on the highway? It's a justifiable fear.

In 2016, there were more than 34,000 crashes that involved commercial vehicles, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. There were 584 fatalities, and more than 1,400 people suffered serious injuries.

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Causes Of Truck Accidents

There are many causes for truck accidents. The most common, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, are:

  • Faulty brakes
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Driver was under time pressure from his or her employer
  • Following too closely
  • Shift in cargo in the truck
  • Illness
  • Use of drugs or alcohol
  • Illegal driving maneuver
  • Unfamiliarity with the road

If you have been injured, attorney Whitten strives to achieve the maximum possible compensation. This could include lost wages, payment of medical bills, and any pain and suffering.

With all of our cases, we negotiate with the other side and try to reach a settlement agreement. When it's in our clients' best interests, we go all the way to trial.

What Will This Cost Me?

In accident cases, lawyers are not paid until they win compensation for their clients. So if you have been injured, there is no cost to begin working on your case.

If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident or any other type of truck crash, we invite you to call The Law Office of J. Gregory Whitten P.L.L.C. in Allen, Texas, today at 972-632-3662, or contact us through our website.