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Would a collaborative divorce be better for my kids?

Of all the negative aspects of your divorce, maybe the most consequential is its impact on your children. No matter what their ages, kids hate it when their parents fight. Sadly, fighting is just what you and your spouse can look forward to in a traditional litigated divorce. But it does not have to be like that. In Texas, divorcing couples can choose a more amicable and cooperative option called a collaborative divorce.

Can I protect my children from the conflict of my divorce?

Getting a divorce is a difficult emotional process. You may be experiencing feelings of heartache, anger and betrayal. While this is a normal part of divorce, it does not make it any easier. Unfortunately, your children are also likely to feel a range of unpleasant and heartbreaking emotions while you go through a divorce. You and other Texas residents who are divorcing may want to know the best ways to shield children from these very grown-up emotions.